Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Stag & Finch?

We are a husband and wife lapidary team currently living in Manitoba, Canada. Bryan is self taught and has been cutting since 2014. Melanie received faceting/lapidary lessons from Bryan and has been cutting since 2018.

2. Are you accepting commissions?

Yes we are! We are currently accepting commission for both lab gemstones and finished jewelry pieces. Because natural gemstones cannot be replicated easily, we unfortunately cannot take commissions for them.

3. What is your average delivery time?

For loose gemstones, we can usually accommodate a 4-week turn around. Custom jewelry can be 6-8 weeks depending on the complexity. We are a husband-wife team and do our best to fill every order as efficiently as possible.

4. Do you ship to my country?

We ship everywhere that FedEx does, worldwide, with tracking and insurance. However, some countries may have prohibitions in place. Please familiarize yourself with your country's import laws.

5. I'm a bit confused by the pricing on your website?

Please feel free to contact us directly if there's any pricing confusion. Our website is still under development and may be missing a few sizes/options. You can reach us through the "Contact Us" section on our website or a direct message on Reddit. We will do our best to answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

6. I like one of the rings you recently posted, but I would prefer a different stone/shape/cut/color?

No problem! We accept almost any substitution to the jewelry posted to our Jewelry as well as our Gallery page.

7. What's your favorite gemstone?

Bryan - I love all things alexandrite! Melanie - Currently having a love affair with Zircon in all colors.

8. What's your favorite cut?

Bryan - Currently it has to be our hex cut Cosmos. Melanie - I always love Void Reaver by Arya, and our round Stormlight!

9. Do you do custom request cutting?

Lab Gemstones - Yes, we cut all our lab created gemstones to order. Natural Gemstones - No, with the difficulty of procurring a natural gemstone in the desired color, size and shape, we cannot guarantee meeting the parameters.

10. I requested a quote. Does it expire?

We will honor our quoted prices for a maximum of 60 days.

11. Refunding a deposit

For custom projects, we require a non-refundable deposit before we begin building your personalized jewelry. However, if you decide to cancel your order before we begin, the deposit will be refunded to you.

12. What's your return policy?

We will offer returns or exchanges on loose gemstones that do not represent the photos presented for up to 60 days. On custom jewelry, we honor a 1-year warranty on defective goldwork.

13. Do you offer melee gemstones?

At this time, we do not offer handcut gemstones under 4mm due to the limits of our equipment. However, we can often procure commercially cut stones in melee sizes.

14. Do you offer wedding bands for your rings?

Yes! We do offer matching wedding bands for most of our rings. It is advisable to order the band with the engagement ring so we can be certain they fit snuggly together. A contoured band will change depending on the size of center stone and type of ring gallery or basket. For example, a 6mm Daphnis will require different contouring than a 6mm Celeste.

15. I have a design idea for a ring. Can you make it?

Most likely! It's very helpful to us if you have a picture of a similar piece of jewelry you are looking for so we can have a starting point. Replicas and modifications are definitely doable!

16. Why did I get a bill for Custom's Fees?

FedEx acts as your international broker when shipping international. They apply for sales taxes and duties on your behalf which can take the government a while to respond. The money isn't going to us or FedEx, but to your state and federal government.

17. Can I send you my gemstone/jewelry to have cut and/or set?

No, we do not accept incoming jewelry and gemstones. Shipping items as precious as these through the mail comes with great risk as these are often very sentimental pieces. We would advise working with a local jeweler in your area.

18. Do you have a jewelry designer on staff?

No, we do not have a jewelry designer on staff. At the moment, Stag & Finch is only a husband and wife team with both of us being full time gemcutters. However, we do have jewelers we work with that may be able to recreate the jewelry piece you are looking for if you have an image for us (the more the better). Any of our jewelry in our Jewelry and Gallery sections can be recreated.

19. Why does my Sapphire look different in varying light?

Sapphire or specifically blue sapphires (both lab created and natural) may look more dull or grey in certain types of lighting. This is normal and expected. Most artificial lighting exists in a very narrow spectrum of color that's comfortable to our eyes and simply doesn't produce light in the correct wavelength for the gemstone to reflect all the same colors available from natural daylight. The gem is only able to reflect the colors that are made available by the light source it's currently in. This is the reason we only do our photography with natural daylight. Even daylight equivalency bulbs don't allow gems to reflect colors as vibrant as in natural daylight in many gemstones, and blue sapphires such as Montana sapphires are a very good example of this.

20. What is the best way to view my gemstone?

With both natural and lab created gemstones, your gem's best angle is shown with natural daylight to your back, just peeking over your shoulder and into your gem. Natural daylight has a much broader spectrum of colors than even 'daylight equivalent' light bulbs, and viewing it this way will allow maximum light to reflect within your gem, returning to your eye with all the colors it has to offer!