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How do I find my or my partners ring size?

The most accurate way to determine your ring size is by visiting a local jeweller near you. Please keep in mind, your ring size can fluctuate about a half size, based on your temperature, hydration levels, and hormones. 


If the proposal is a surprise, we recommend taking a favorite ring (that is worn on the finger the ring is intended for) to a local jeweller to determine that size. 

What if I need to resize my ring?

You can resize locally or ship it back to us! Each order includes one complimentary resizing service within the first 60 days of your purchase.

If you think you need to resize your ring, please emails us at to receive your prepaid Fedex shipping label.

Will I be able to get my ring resized during before Christmas?

Due to our high volume of sales and allowing our craftspeople to keep up with custom orders, we will not be doing any resizing serviced during the month of DECEMBER. We will resume our resizing services on January, 15th.

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