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Can you make any custom ring design?

Yes, most likely! It’s very helpful for our goldsmiths if you have a picture of a similar piece of jewelry so we have a starting point. Recreating and modifications are what we specialize in.

Our customers usually start off by filling out our ring builder form and then adding inspiration pictures of what they are looking for. Then we are able to send you renders of your ring design with your modifications and design details for approval.

Can I get my ring engraved?

Yes we can! Please fill out that option when you are checking out, or send your request to our ring specialists at

Do you offer custom wedding bands for your rings?

Absolutely! In any design you like! Our wedding bands are as customizable just like our engagement rings. We also offer custom and Ready-to-Ship men’s wedding bands as well.

Can I send you my gemstone to have cut or set?

No, we do not accept incoming jewelry and gemstones. Shipping items as precious as these through the mail comes with great risk. Sentimental items could get lost in transit so we would advise working with a local jeweler in your area.


Do you offer Nickel-free White Gold options?

Yes, Nickel is usually present in white gold, but our white gold can be mixed with palladium instead. 

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