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What Makes Our Cut Designs Unique?

The most common question we are asked is ‘What is the difference?’ and it was this question that spurred us to make a blog about our many different cuts!

creating a gem faceting design
Optimizing our Stormlight cut design.

You may have noticed that Stag & Finch offers a wide variety of familiar shapes but with very different results from other vendors. Since Stag & Finch cuts are not the same as the more common cuts throughout the industry, we’ve named ours to differentiate. The outlines look similar, but what's really interesting is the different patterns that are created! We also take a lot of pride in developing our cuts with precise angles to ensure every gem we cut is as brilliant as it can be. It takes a lot of practice, trial, and error to develop a pattern that is both brilliant and interesting.

Let’s look at some of our cut designs in more detail!


Stormlight (above left) is Stag & Finch's signature round developed by our owner and CEO Bryan in 2018. The difference in the number of facets makes a big impact on the reflection pattern produced. He may be biased, but this is Bryan's favorite cut!

The Round Brilliant, also referred to as an SRB (above right) is a classic cut that goes back to the early 1900s and has been adopted by nearly every gem cutter. This is the most common round cut you'll find in jewelry stores.


Omni Oval (right) is the best oval faceting design we've come across yet! Our favorite length/width ratio is 1.33 and the position of the pavilion facets adds so much depth to this very popular shape. This is Yolanda's favorite cut!

peach lab sapphire marquise baroness

Baroness (left) is our take on the fashionable marquise. It perfectly fits with all kinds of accent choices and is Stephanie's favorite cut!


Void Reaver (above left) was first developed by Arya Akhavan and has become one of our favorite square faceting designs. The positioning of the facets creates a lot of depth within each gem. This is one of our most popular cuts!

Asscher (above right) is a classic cut most often utilized when a Princess cut just won't do. It's been a favorite cut over 100 years and features a step cut crown as well as on the pavilion which gives it its signature look.


princess finch cut lab created sapphire juniper green

Princess Finch (left) is Stag & Finch's take on a Princess cut. Developed by our owner and CEO, Bryan, this design is bright with a captivating reflection pattern and depth.