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Commercial Cut vs Precision Cut

Gemstones in their rough, uncut form have a beauty all on their own, but cutting them can truly bring out just how remarkable they are. Faceting gemstones has been a developing skill for hundreds of years and with very humble beginnings. In modern times, specialized equipment has helped to speed up the process and allow for more accuracy. Still, the most important aspect is the skill and care lapidaries put into each gemstone, ensuring precise angles to create beautiful works of art.

There can be quite a big difference between gems that are commercially cut, and those that are precision cut. At Stag & Finch, we take a lot of pride in providing quality cutting that results in stunningly brilliant gems.

radiant cut comparison lab sapphire and lab spinel
Commercial Cut Lab Spinel & Precision Cut Lab Sapphire

Commercial Cut Gems: Beauty Lost in Haste

Commercial cut gems, as the name suggests, are cut and faceted to meet production goals and are often driven by speed and efficiency. These gems are typically mass-produced and may exhibit the following characteristics:

commercial cut tourmaline windowed
Windowed Commercial Cut Tourmaline

Inconsistent Faceting: In commercial cutting, the focus is often on producing the maximum number of gems, leading to variations in faceting angles, symmetry, and proportions. This can result in gems with uneven sparkle and brilliance.

precision cut pink tourmaline
The Above Tourmaline Recut

Weight Retention: To maximize

carat weight, commercial cutters may sacrifice the gem's potential to shine. This can result in gems that appear shallow or overly deep, hindering their optical performance. These proportions can lead to gems with lifeless centers also known as 'windows.' (right above)

Standardized Shapes: Commercially cut gems often follow conventional shapes and proportions to appeal to a wider market. While this may be desirable for some, it limits the variety and uniqueness of the gem.

Lack of Personalization: Commercial cut gems lack the personal touch of a skilled lapidary artist. As a result, they might not bring out the gem's true character and individuality. This lack of precision causes 'dead' spots within the gem.

Ethically Irresponsible: Most gems on the market are cut overseas and the factories are often more concerned about profits over people. This can lead to poor working conditions and long hard hours for little pay.

Commercial Cut Lab Sapphire and Precision Cut Lab Sapphire
Commercial Cut Lab Sapphire & Precision Cut Lab Sapphire

Precision Cut Gems: Revealing True Beauty

On the other hand, precision cut gems are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an artistic touch. These gems are the product of skilled lapidary artists who focus on bringing out the gem's full potential. Here are some distinguishing features of precision cut gems:

lab alexandrite commercial and precision cut
Commercial Cut and Precision Cut Lab Alexandrite

Exact Faceting: Precision cutters prioritize precise angles and proportions to maximize a gem's brilliance, fire, and scintillation. At Stag & Finch, we use specialized software to escalate every gemstone's potential.

Custom Shapes: Precision cutters can create custom shapes and cuts, tailored to the gem's unique characteristics. This allows for a wider range of creative and innovative designs.

Improved Optical Performance: Precision cutting optimizes a gem's optical performance, ensuring that it is as bright and brilliant as it possibly can be. Light is strategically handled, enhancing the gem's beauty.