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Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery of your precision cut gem.

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Learn more about Lab Alexandrite on our educational post here.

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Alexandrite is a stunning, pleochroic color-changing gem ranging from blue/green to red/purple – and some in between!  

Our lab-created Alexandrites are grown using the Czochralski Pulled method which uses a tiny starter crystal that is dipped into a solution and very, very slowly pulled out. This process is so slow, that it only produces Alexandrite at a rate of 2mm/hour, but results in a lab-created gemstone that has the same optical properties and hardness as its mined counterpart.  

Stag & Finch has spent a lot of time and effort specifically optimizing our cutting designs to showcase Alexandrite’s optical properties, and Bryan himself has fine-tuned them to bring out the most brilliance and color separation in your custom-cut Alexandrite.  

Lab Alexandrites offered by many other jewelers are mislabeled as lab-created when they are actually only a simulated Alexandrite. This means the crystal structure is not true to Alexandrite but an alternative that has somewhat similar properties. These alternatives could include lab-created Color-changing sapphire, color-changing Cubic Zirconia, or even specially created glass, among others.

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