May Baby Emeralds

Emeralds are the Birthstone of May, so for the entire month, we're taking 30% off your next Hydrothermal Emerald purchase. 

To show Front-Line and Essential Service workers our appreciation in the fight against Covid-19, we are offering a 60% discount on Hydrothermal Emeralds!

To redeem your discount, share a selfie of yourself in uniform 

to our Subreddit or Instagram page.

For those who would prefer to remain anonymous, please e-mail a picture of

your uniform to

Hydrothermal Emerald

Leave a Legacy

"What first attracted me to cutting gemstones was the idea of art and treasure coming together. The possibility that some of the pieces I create may become heirlooms passed down for generations is both humbling and exciting."

- Bryan Wiebe

.Beyond Traditional.

Stag & Finch's unique designs are written for optimal brilliance and light return.

We are passionate about presenting each and every gemstone the best it can be!

Montana Sapphires

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