Welcome to Stag and Finch! Here are our frequently asked questions:

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When will my credit card be charged?

Charges will typically appear within about 3 days. If your jewelry order is intended to be a surprise, it might be a good idea to plan a creative story in advance to disguise your purchase in case the charges are discovered

Is there sales tax?

Sales taxes will only be applied at the point of purchase for our Canadian customers. International orders will have their local taxes applied at the port of entry to your country.

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer PayPal, Stripe, and Credit Card payment options for all of our customers. We also can accept e-transfers within Canada.

Why aren’t your lab gems priced per ct weight?

When designing our S&F signature gemstone designs and cuts, our primary focus has always been to create the most brilliant and beautiful gem possible. Traditionally, colored gems are sold by weight, which can incentivise the cutter to sacrifice gemstone performance for additional weight and final price. 

We have decided that the final look of the gemstone is more important than the weight, so we chose to price our lab created gemstone by their face up dimensions rather than their final weight. 

Why are your prices so cheap compared to other larger vendors?

At S&F begin with raw colored gemstone crystals which are cut and polished in-house ourselves from start to finish. 

Almost all North American gemstone and jewelry vendors have their colored gemstones cut over-seas, which have passed through several sets of hands before ultimately landing in a piece of jewelry. The lower prices saved by cutting out the middle-men are then passed on to you!

I feel like I should be spending more on an engagement ring. Am I spending enough?

The amount you choose to spend on an engagement ring is entirely up to you. Your particular set of circumstances are completely unique and someone else's idea on what an engagement ring should cost may not necessarily apply to you. 

It will never be our goal at S&F to sell you the most expensive jewelry piece. It is far more important to us that you receive the perfect jewelry piece over the final price. 

If your engagement ring happens to fall under your initial intended budget, maybe consider putting the remainder towards your wedding, honeymoon, future anniversary or other gift for your partner.

Will my quote expire?

S&F will honor all quotations for up to 30 days. Market prices can fluctuate dramatically with global events which means the price of gold and platinum can also fluctuate by a surprising amount within a short period of time. 

We will hold all pricing quotations for 30 days to allow you enough time to carefully consider your purchase.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! S&F offers a 10% off for Students and the Canadian Military. We will ask to see a valid ID to apply for this discount. This discount cannot be combined with any other promotional offerings.

We are also proud to offer monthly sales on select gems. Unfortunately, these sales cannot be combined with our Ready to Ship sales items.

Can I purchase the monthly sale gem and then design?

Of course! If you have already decided on the perfect S&F gemstone, but not yet finalized the jewelry piece you would like to create with this gem. You may purchase the loose gemstone before the monthly sale expires, and we’ll hold onto your gemstone for an additional 30 days while you design the perfect accompanying jewelry piece for your new gemstone.

If you are not already in contact with one of our sales associates, please contact info@stagandfinch.com and we will be more than happy to assist you with this!


Return Policy ​:

Stag & Finch is proud to offer a free 60 day return and resizing from date of receipt on 'Ready-to-Ship' jewellery as well as 30 day return for loose gemstones.

Please note that returned items must be in their original, unworn condition and accompanied by all original documentation.

Due to their personalized nature, the following orders are non-returnable: items that have been customized, modified, engraved, or items that have previously been exchanged. 

Please note that price adjustments for participation in our monthly sales promotions are not applicable for purchases made in different months.

Can I exchange or return my complimentary S&F piece?

Complimentary gifts cannot be exchanged or returned for a refund and will not be replaced if misplaced, lost, or stolen. 

Can I purchase multiple items to determine which I like best and return the others?

Absolutely! You are welcome to purchase multiple items to allow you to view and compare yourself in person. The additional purchased items can be returned for a full refund so long as they are not custom created or modified jewelry pieces and all are still in original condition.

How should I return my order?

Simplay contact us at info@stagandfinch.com and one of our service associates will walk you through this process.

Can you refund a deposit?

For custom created projects, S&F requires a non-refundable deposit before we begin building your personalized jewelry. However, if for any reason you decide to cancel your order before we have begun construction of your piece, your full deposit will be refunded.



Unfortunately S&F is not an accredited insurance company, but we do offer a comprehensive Warranty Care Plan to protect your jewelry piece.


S&F does not currently offer accredited appraisals of jewelry. We can provide a copy of all the pertinent information to your S&F jewelry piece if you wish to have your piece appraised by a 3rd party.


Yes, of course! Please see our Warranty Care Plan for more details. S&F offers both a 3 year as well as a 20 year care plan.

Should you decide to upgrade your care plan from a 3 year plan to 20 years before your 3 year plan expires, your new extended care plan will still originate on the initial purchase date of your jewelry piece.



  • Ready-to-Ship Earrings & Necklaces: 3-5 business days
  • Ready-to-Ship Rings: 2-4 weeks with ring sizing
  • Loose gemstones: 2-4 Weeks
  • Custom made orders: 8-10 weeks after deposit is received


  • Orders above $500 – free FedEx transit-insured shipping for U.S. and Canada, other countries please inquire.
  • Orders below $500 – Optional $20 Canada Post, or $50 FedEx for U.S. and Canada, other international countries $100 flat fee for FedEx transit-insured shipping.


Will FedEx bill me for customs fees?

FedEx acts as your international broker when shipping outside of Canada. They apply for sales taxes and duties on your behalf which can take your government a while to respond. The money isn’t going to us or FedEx, but to your state and federal government.

Is there taxes or duties on shipping from Canada to my country?

There might be! You will have to check with your local import regulations.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! S&F will ship everywhere that FedEx does, worldwide, with tracking and transit insurance. However, some countries do have prohibitions in place for importing certain luxury goods like jewelry. If you are unsure if this might apply to you, it is best to check with your local customs or governing authorities.

Can I ship to an address that is different from my billing address?

Yes you can, and are free to do so! There is also the option to have FedEx hold onto your item at your local or nearest FedEx depot. This can be a good covert move if you’re planning to keep your purchase a secret (such as an engagement ring) and would rather not have the package discovered or received by someone other than yourself.


Does my order include a tracking number?

Yes! We include a tracking number with each order so you can see when your precious little package is arriving!

What if my jewelry gets lost in transit?

Our transit insurance that is automatically included with all shipping covers all merchandise shipped by us that has not yet been received or accepted by the purchaser.

In the rare and sad event that your jewelry is lost in transit, a brand new identical jewelry piece will be built to replace your piece at no additional cost.


Can I ship to a P.O. Box Address?

For your protection, Stag and Finch require that all deliveries must be made to a physical business or home address only - and we can not ship to P.O. Box addresses. We also require an adult to sign for the delivery of orders exceeding $500 in value so that your valuable merchandise cannot be left unattended and vulnerable to theft and or accidental misplacement.


Can you make any custom ring design?

Yes, most likely! It’s very helpful for our goldsmiths if you have a picture of a similar piece of jewelry so we have a starting point. Recreating and modifications are what we specialize in.

Our customers usually start off by filling out our ring builder form and then adding inspiration pictures of what they are looking for. Then we are able to send you renders of your ring design with your modifications and design details for approval.

​Can I get my ring engraved?

Yes we can! Please fill out that option when you are checking out, or send your request to our ring specialists at info@stagandfinch.com

Do you offer custom wedding bands for your rings?

Absolutely! In any design you like! Our wedding bands are customizable just like our engagement rings. We also offer custom and Ready-to-Ship men’s wedding bands as well.

Can I send you my gemstone to have cut or set?

Unfortunately, we do not accept gemstones to be cut or set other than S&F pieces. 

S&F will only cut our own gemstone materials, and cannot accept outside gemstones. Even with experienced skilled professionals, gemstone cutting can sometimes result in unforeseen final results due to a large number of variables. When evaluating and processing our own rough gemstone materials, we are assuming all the risk in the case of an unforeseen or negative result. 

Similar to gemstone cutting, setting a gemstone in jewelry is not entirely without risk. Gemstones can be susceptible to breaking, chipping, or otherwise being damaged during the setting process even to the most seasoned veterans. If the worst were to happen, we may not have access to properly source or replace an equivalent gem provided from another jewelry manufacturer.

Shipping items is also not without risk, and for sentimental items, we would recommend being brought to a local jeweler in your area.

Do you offer Nickel-free White Gold options?

Yes we do! Nickel is present in white gold, and is typically what can cause a reaction to those that are allergic. We can offer a hypoallergenic palladium white gold alloy in place of nickel, on request.

Please reach out to info@stagandfinch.com if you would like to order a palladium white gold jewelry piece.


How do I find my or my partners ring size?​

​The most accurate way to determine your ring size is by visiting a local jeweller near you. Please keep in mind, your ring size can fluctuate about a half size, based on your temperature, hydration levels, and hormones.  

If the proposal is a surprise, we recommend taking a favorite ring (that is worn on the finger the ring is intended for or close to) to a local jeweler to determine that size. 

​What if I need to resize my ring?

You can ship it back to us! Each order includes one complimentary resizing service within the first 60 days of your purchase.

​If you think you need to resize your ring, please emails us at info@stagandfinch.com to receive your prepaid Fedex shipping label.​

Will I be able to get my ring resized during or before Christmas?

Due to our high volume of sales and allowing our craftspeople to keep up with custom orders, we will not be doing any resizing services during the month of December. We will resume our resizing services on January, 15th.


Will I receive my purchase before Christmas?​

In order for us to guarantee your order's arrival before Christmas, you must send any custom-made orders by OCTOBER 15th

​If you are ordering a 'Ready-to-Ship' ring or item, please place your order by NOVEMBER 30th.

This will allow extra shipping time for the busy season, and guarantee your order will be received before December 24th.

Will I be able to return a purchase that was a gift after the holidays?

We offer a 30 day return on standard jewelry and gemstones. All custom orders are final sale.

For more information on our return policy, please see here.

Will I be able to get my ring resized during or before Christmas?

Due to our high volume of sales and allowing our craftspeople to keep up with custom orders, we will not be doing any resizing services during the month of DECEMBER. We will resume our resizing services on January, 15th.


How should I clean my jewelry?

For a light cleaning, we recommend using a soft bristle toothbrush, mild dish soap, and warm water. This is ideal for removing tiny particles that get trapped in hard-to-reach areas.

For a deeper clean, we recommend taking your precious gems and jewelry to a professional jeweler every  6-12 months, depending on how you use your ring!