Royal Blue Pendant
6mm Lab Sapphire in 14k Yellow Gold Necklace
Arctic Blue Lab Sapphire
7.5mm Lab Sapphire 'Stormlight' in 14k Rose Gold
Peach Lab Sapphire
8mm Peach Lab Sapphire in 14k Rose Gold with Lab Diamonds
Hydrothermal Emerald Marquise
10x5mm Hydro Emerald in 18k Yellow Gold with Lab Diamonds
Montana Sapphire
6mm Blue Sapphire in 14k White Gold with Moissanite Accents
Hanami Pendant
Green Lab Sapphire in 'Hanami' with 14k Rose Gold
Periwinkle "Pillow"
Periwinkle Lab Sapphire with White Lab Sapphire accents set in a Platinum Band
Alexandrite Pendant
Alexandrite 6mm 'Cosmos' in 18k Yellow Gold
Custom Alexandrite Ring
'Maya Drop' Alexandrite in 14k Yellow Gold with Petal-Inspired Basket
Alexandrite Trio
'Void Reaver' Set in 14k Yellow Gold, Matching Earrings and Ring
Wedding Band
14k Rose Gold Twisting Wedding Band with Moissanite
Alexandrite Pear
Alexandrite with Moissanite Pear Accents in 14k White Gold
Madagascar Sapphire
Green Madagascar Sapphire with Blue Phantoms, Diamonds, & 14k Yellow Gold
Arctic Blue Lab Sapphire
Lab Created Sapphire in 'Sirius' and 10k White Gold
Lab Sapphire  and Moissanite
10.5x8.5mm Royal Blue Lab Sapphire set in Platinum with Moissanite overlapping halo
Paraiba YAG and Moissanite Ring
10k White Gold band with Paraiba YAG and Moissantie Accents
Carina Alexandrite Ring
7mm Alexandrite 'Hanami', 14k White Gold Setting, and Moissanite accents
Hydrothermal Ruby Engagement Ring
Cut in our 'Sirius' design
YAG Paraiba Ring
Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring
7mm Sapphire set in Platinum with Moissanite accents
Hydrothermal Ruby
Hydro Ruby set in Yellow Gold
Lab Sapphire in 10k White Gold
Arctic Blue in hidden halo with lab grown diamond accents
Lab Created Sapphire Peach
Marquise set in Rose Gold
Hydrothermal Ruby
White Gold Basket
Hanami Pendant

Green Lab Sapphire in 'Hanami' with 14k Rose Gold