1.0 carat Tourmaline Bubblegum Pink

Tourmaline comes in all colours, but who knew a natural stone could exist in such a bright pink? Eye-catching and strong enough for everyday wear, this stone is an attention-getter.


I cut this stone in a design called 'Squilliant', written by Marco Voltolini. It's a mixed design with a brilliant pavilion and step-cut crown.


Though it's colour is perfect, its internal structure is not. There are noticeable inclusions, which are reflected in the price. The internal fissures are scars from living in the unforgiving earth. 


1.0 carat Tourmaline Bubblegum Pink

  • Size: 6mm

    Weight: 1.0ct

    Cut: Squilliant

    Treatment: Unknown

    Cut By: Bryan Wiebe