6.70 carat Oregon Sunstone Blue-Green

This very rare Oregon Sunstone is a true collectors piece. Blue Sunstones of this color are extremely hard to come by. This unusual stone has a pleochoric center color core. Meaning that it displayes two distinctly different colors when viewed from oposite angles. In one direction it apears blue-green but red when viewed in the other. I purchased the rough straight from the miners at Tuscon in 2016.


I cut this remarkable stone into one of my favorite designs, 'Hidden Treasure' written by Arya Akhavan.


There is one minor inclusion in the pavilion, unnoticeable from normal viewing distance.

There is nothing to detract from the beauty this untreated Sunstone holds and is sure to be the heart of your collection.

6.70 carat Oregon Sunstone Blue-Green

SKU: 10.011.0001
  • Size: 18 x 10mm

    Weight: 6.7ct

    Cut: Hidden Treasure
    Treatment: None

    Cut By: Bryan Wiebe