Pulled Sapphire Royal Blue

There are several methods to making lab created Sapphire, the most popular being Flame Fusion and the Czochralski Pulled method. Most of our lab created Sapphires are made by Flame Fusion but this gorgeous material is of the Pulled variety. 


To create this, a large pool of liquid Sapphire is created with intense heat, and then a small cool seed piece is dipped inside. As it is pulled out, it creates a tiny layer of new Sapphire sticking to, and hardening onto, the seed. 


The advantage of Pulled Sapphire over Flame Fusion is that it can create a vivid blue Sapphire that has even color all the way through where other methods result in color zoning.


As this stone is lab created, there are no inclusions.


Lab created gems are in every way identical to the gems mined from the earth: chemically, physically, and of course, visually. Labour intensive work and potentially unethical practices are replaced with clean labs that produce near inclusion free, to perfectly inclusion free gems. There is no environmental impact, leading to an exceptionally lower carbon footprint. This also means more freedom for the purchaser to own a gem the size and quality they desire for a reasonable price.

Pulled Sapphire Royal Blue

  • We offer the Hanami at a minimum of 6mm.
    We offer this material in any other shape at a minimum of 5mm.
    If you would like to request a Stag and Finch gemstone beyond 8mm in size, we would be happy to assist you in a made to order gem.

  • Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.