This is a ring you are unlikely to find anywhere else, it features an 8 mm Hydrothermal Emerald in an amazingly bright shade of green, practically glowing against 14kt yellow gold. We had the band custom made for this stone to include soft leaf accents on each shoulder and prongs that resemble flower petals - perfect for any lover of flowers.


Melanie cut this gemstone in a cherry blossom design called "Hanami," written by Marco Voltolini.


The Hydrothermal growth process imitates the natural formation of gemstones. The raw gemstone materials are dissolved in a water solution by being subjected to intense heat and pressure, mimicking the conditions found deep in the earth. The gem crystals grow at a very slow rate which can take up to 10 months to complete. Due to this slow and complicated process, Hydrothermal gems command a higher price than their more affordable Flame-Fusion produced cousins.

1.8 carat Hydrothermal Emerald

  • Size: 8mm

    Weight: 1.8ct

    Design: Hanami

    Ring Size: 7
    Ring Material: 14kt Yellow Gold

    Accents: 14kt Yellow Gold Leaves

    Cut By: Melanie Wiebe

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