0.95 carat Grossular Garnet

Garnets are not constrained to one colour alone, in fact, they come in nearly every colour. This garnet is nearly colourless, showing some light green-yellow in certain lighting.


This Garnet was cut with an apex crown in a highly unusual design, 'Maelstrom Authority', created by Arya Akhavan. With's already high dispersion, it nearly looks like a diamond in direct sunlight. Beautiful and just as versatile, this design can be set into any standard round-prong setting. 


You won't find colorless Grossular Garnets readily available in jewelry stores and this one has quickly become one of our favorites.


Garnet is the name given to a group of mineral that can come in a wide variety of colors including yellow, green, white and shades of orange to red. Popular varieties are Rhodolite, Grossular, Imperial, and Spessartine The Garnet has a high refractive index, the same, or higher, than Sapphire. They are quite durable stones ranging on the Mohs Hardness Scale from 6.5 to 7.5, depending on the type of Garnet. They have also been given the privilege of being January's birthstone, though, these are more often portrayed as the blood red Pyrope.

0.95 carat Grossular Garnet

SKU: 6.041.0006
  • Size: 5.8mm

    Weight: .95 ct

    Cut: Maelstrom Authority

    Treament: None

    Cut By: Bryan Wiebe