3.70 carat Amethyst Flower

A unique Amethyst to add to your collection. The frosted facets on the pavillion is what gives this Amethyst its Geranium flower design when viewed from the crown. Not to be overwhelmed, the design along the crown accentuates the flower inside. 


I cut this stone in a design called 'Florino', written by Marco Voltolini. At 10mm it is easy to set in nearly every standard round-prong setting, giving you plenty of options.


This beautiful Amethyst is eye-clean with no notable inclusions, and the desirable colour is untreated. 


Ready for the spotlight, this flower is the special addition you've been looking for.


3.70 carat Amethyst Flower

SKU: 7.021.0004
  • Size: 10mm

    Weight: 3.7ct

    Cut: Florino
    Treatment : None

    Cut By: Bryan Wiebe