4.80 carat Tourmaline Indicolite

This beautiful indigo-blue Tourmaline is classified as Indicolite. It's dark color is interupted by stunningly bright flashes of teal when rocked in the light.


I cut this stone in a design called 'Smith Bar,' an opposed bar cut made popular by the late Jeff Graham. This is a special design that, when rocked back and forth, gives a pixelated appearance.


There are some minor inclusions not noticeable in hand.


Tourmaline is a wonderful stone, and one of the most colorful, coming in a vast array of colors, and often sharing more than one color in a stone. Some are even dicrotic, meaning they are different colors depending which side you look through. Tourmaline is a 7-7.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it acceptable as a ring for everyday wear, but caution should be taken to preserve its beauty. It has the privilege of being marked as October's birthstone.

4.80 carat Tourmaline Indicolite

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  • Size: 15x6mm

    Weight: 4.8ct

    Treatment: None

    Design: Smith Bar

    Cut By: Bryan Wiebe