1 carat Montana Sapphire Blue-Green (Heated)

This heated Sapphire is an exceptional example of the famous Blue-Green color found in Montana Sapphires. It turned out beautifully, and I'm extremely happy with the way the color flashes when it's rocked in the light. 


I cut this Sapphire into a modified "Hexbar Oval", designed by Robert Strickland.


It is eye-clean with minor inclusions under magnification. Its color has been heat treated.


Sapphire has been popular throughout history, and that trend doesn't seem to be changing. Sapphire is a mineral called corundum, and it doesn't only come in the well-known royal blue. Corundum comes in an array of colours and shades, including white. The popular Ruby also belongs to this family as a red corundum. Sapphires and Rubies have a hardness of 9, making it the hardest coloured stone, and is well suited for daily wear.

1 carat Montana Sapphire Blue-Green (Heated)

SKU: 1.012.0006
  • Size: 6x5.5mm

    Weight: 1ct

    Design: Hex Bar Oval

    Treatment: Heat Treated Only

    Cut By: Bryan Wiebe