1.82 carat Peridot

This stunning Peridot is a vibrant olive green. The rough for this gemstone came from Pakistan, a country well-known for its Peridots.


You may recognize the outline of this stone. The design was written by Arya Akhavan and inspired by the classic game 'Legend of Zelda.' Arya titled this design "Hidden Treasure."


There are some 'fingerprint' inclusions which is common among Peridots and are not noticeable at a regular viewing distance.


Peridot is a beautiful stone that comes in a variety of green shades from olive to forest to yellow-green. The Peridots from Pakistan are the most sought-after with an 'apple' green color. Peridot actually belongs to the Olivine family, a mineral that's been found in meteorites, and happens to cover the Hawaiian Papakolea Beach! While it is one of the oldest recorded gems, dating back to approximately 1500b.c., Peridot is still widely used in jewelry today and has the privilege of being named August's birthstone.

1.82 carat Peridot

SKU: 13.061.0001
  • Size: 10.5x6.2mm

    Weight: 1.82ct

    Design: Hidden Treasure

    Treatment: None

    Cut By: Melanie Wiebe