1.34 carat Morganite Hanami

This Morganite is a gorgeous pink. These stones are notoriously difficult to capture in a photo as the color just doesn't pick up, but just like its design, the pink is reminiscent of soft petals.


I cut this gemstone in a design called 'Hanami,' a tribute to cherry blossoms.


This Morganite is not treated and clean throughout.


Beryls come in many colors and a few recognizable names. Belonging to this family are Morganite (pink to orange), Heliodore (yellow), Aquamarine (greenish-blue to blue), and Emerald (green). It's actually the trace elements inside the Beryl that gives it its color. In Emerald, trace elements of chromium give it its unique 'Emerald Green' color, while iron makes Aquamarine the well known greenish-blue. Beryl is a 7.5-8 on the Mohs Scale of hardness and should be treated with care if wearing in a ring.

1.34 carat Morganite Hanami

SKU: 5.051.0001
  • Size: 7.5mm

    Weight: 1.34ct

    Design: Hanami

    Treatment: None

    Cut By: Bryan Wiebe