1.15 carat Spinel Bubblegum Pink

The color of classic bubblegums from my childhood, this Spinel is very bright and would look incredible in any color gold setting!


I cut this gem in a classic step-cut design.


This bright Spinel does have a minor inclusion along one of the sides, visible in the pictures and video.


Spinel has a history of being mistaken for Sapphires and Rubies. We now know that Spinel sits at an 8 on the Mohs scale, just behind Sapphire, but its fire is just as impressive. In recent years it has attracted more attention as an alternative to Sapphires and Rubies, for both price and appearance.

1.15 carat Spinel Bubblegum Pink

SKU: 12.091.0002
  • Size: 7.5x4.7mm

    Weight: 1.15ct

    Design: Step-Cut

    Treatment: Untreated

    Cut By: Bryan Wiebe