0.94 carat Zircon Blue

This Zircon turned out to be a beautiful, sky blue! The pictures shows an effect called 'doubling' that is common in many stones. This effect makes the stone seem blurry, an effect you can observe under magnification. (That's just one of the reason's why it's Melanie's favorite stone!)


I cut this Zircon in my own design, "Stormlight," one of my personal favorites.


This Zircon is eye clean.


Zircons make for some incredible stones and some facts about them may surprise you. They are their own stone, not to be confused with lab created Cubic Zirconia. They have a refractive index of 1.9, meaning, not only are they going to throw rainbows of color, they'll do so better than a Sapphire. This high number makes them great Diamond substitutes as well! Zircons can come in a huge variety of colors, though most will be heated to enhance their color and clarity. With a Mohs Scale of 6-7.5, care should be taken with daily wear. Zircon has the privilege of being named December's birthstone.

0.94 carat Zircon Blue

SKU: 2.072.0004
  • Size: 5.5mm

    Weight: 0.94ct

    Design: Stormlight

    Treatment: Standard Heat Treatment

    Cut By: Bryan Wiebe