We're Back!

After four days of travel and two weeks of quarantine, we've moved across two provinces and are ready to get rolling again! It was a long journey but oh-so pretty. Canada certainly has its fair share of natural beauty!

We started in Quebec and drove through the parks of Ontario, stopping in diners and motels along the way that added to the adventure. We saw waterfalls at Chippewa River with breakfast, and at Kakabeka just outside of Thunder Bay (no thunderstorm unfortunately). Needing a break, we stopped at Marathon, Ontario's mind-boggling Pebble Beach. Each 'pebble' perfectly smoothed by the Great Lake Superior!

All in all, it was an exciting, and exhausting, journey. Martin was a great companion who put up with the trip graciously once he figured out the routine! But what could be bad about snoozing in a sunbeam on my lap?


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