Phantom...of the Sapphire

Ghostly images within the heart of a gem.

This b-e-a-utiful gem is the end result of millions of years of nature's work. It's marvelous soft green color is incredible, and with the deep blue phantoms within, we had only one choice...cut a viewing table to showcase the faint blue striations within!! An absolute masterpiece, orchestrated by mother Earth, fashioned by modern hands.

It's so incredible really when you think about it. I can't fathom the time it would take for the chemicals and trace elements to line up so perfectly in nature to create this gemstone. To leave us with such a hidden gem. And then to have taken the hours of careful cutting needed to showcase its wonder. I feel a part of history myself in it. I can only hope and wish that wherever this gem goes, it goes for lifetimes and lifetimes and will continue to fascinate and awe for generations to come.

- Finch


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