Ever Seen a Peach Storm?

Okay, technically it's a 'Stormlight. Everyone has to have a signature, right?

We designed our gem cut 'Stormlight' with the goal in mind to have a unique round cut, different than the standard round brilliant that has been in circulation since 1919. Using CAD technology, we design our own unique gem cuts which we optimize for optical brilliance in each different gem variety.

When it comes to gem cuts, what works for a Sapphire might not always work for an Emerald; angles need to be adjusted because the light will refract/bend (it's Refractive Index) differently as it interacts with the gemstone's molecular structure. In doing this, you can be guaranteed that your 'Stormlight,' 'Cosmos,' or 'Princess Finch' gemstones will be the brightest and most brilliant they can be!



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