How we started


Stag & Finch began as nothing more than a curiosity. Can beautiful gemstones be faceted in unique ways by hand? Could I create works of art that matched, or surpassed commercial quality? The answer as I soon found out was a resounding 'Yes.' 


Gem cutting is a patient art. Taking a stone and creating something beautiful that will stand the test of time is something I take great pride in. A creation of the hands.

Commercial gems are generally cut overseas, by hands that are paid for their work dependent on the weight of the carat. My gems receive more care and time, resulting in a jewel that has proper meet points and a polish that shines with everything it has to offer. Suitably cut facets that produce a powerful result. I will not release a stone that is not all it can be.

I have always admired things made by hand, and appreciated what the earth can yield. When I discovered that gems could be cut in my own home, I leapt at the opportunity. There’s nothing I want more than to carve the rough into something you can enjoy forever, whether it be traditional or unique. I am always on the lookout for new designs, even creating some of my own. If you’re looking for an irreplaceable gem of your own, I will help you find it.


My love of turning rough stone into elegant jewelry and collector's pieces has lead us to open our doors to selling on an ever expanding market.


With quality that is guaranteed and satisfaction in every piece, we ensure that our standards remain at their highest.


Thank you,


Stag & Finch

Bryan and Melanie